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In 2016, Nolan and Asia Cook had the vision to produce a multifaceted catering business that would provide high-quality food and an even higher quality of service to those they are called to serve. That vision became a reality when Cooks Catering emerged into the food industry as a consistent and reputable Food Service Management Company servicing the Pittsburgh area. Over the years, the company's tenacity grew as they developed partnerships with local corporations and schools, making them one of the leading catering companies in the Pittsburgh Region. Nolan and Asia began mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs at a prominent Charter School in the Pittsburgh region, when they were introduced to the lack of nutritional meals being offered during school hours. Due to them also having daycare and school-age children of their own, they recognized the value of nutritious hardy meals and the impact that it has on the development of healthy habits, and the ability to focus and retain information while learning. 


Cooks Culinary Management was put in motion, obtaining all the necessary education and certifications to begin vending meals for daycare, k-12, and private learning facilities in the Pittsburgh Region. Within the first year, the company acquired 7 contracts, quickly becoming a desired vendor of choice. The organization grew as they hired seasoned passion-filled cooks who use high-quality food to produce a homestyle menu that makes you think you are eating at your dinner table. Also having meals that are made from scratch has helped to become a fan favorite amongst the many daycare centers that they serve. In addition, the company has hired a specialized expertise that has extensive experience in CACFP, record keeping, meal service, and administration to ensure the company remains well rounded and informed. Years later, their goal remains the same, to provide the highest quality of food and an even higher quality of service to its customers, the only difference is the audience being children who will shape our future only further activated their passion to make an impact in this industry. 


Mr. Nolan Cook & Mrs. Asia Cook

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